Designing the A to Z of Shoppr

Designing everything from A to Z at Shoppr is an incredible experience. I work closely with the PO & Development to deliver a great user experience in our website and app. Marketing for the best and most unique campaigns and Partnerships.

What Shoppr is

Shoppr searches fashion and beauty sites so today’s modern woman can make the best buying decisions quickly and easily. Shoppr’s website and mobile app connect you to over 3,000 local and international brands through universal search, sales and brand alerts, and personalised product recommendations based on your body type, lifestyle and budget. Find what you want to buy at no extra cost, get ideas on what to wear, and be rewarded at the same time.

Why Shoppr

We recommend you products based on your budget and lifestyle, leave it to us to find the right products for you; all while giving you a heads up when an item goes on sale, so you can always beat the crowd on sales or brand updates. Search among +3,000 fashion and beauty brands all on one platform, we make finding things so much easier.

Beauty & Fashion Advertisements


All-Year-Round Campaigns

2017’s Chinese New Year Campaign.



App & Web UI Design

Investing heavily in UI design of the Shoppr website and apps, we’re constantly improving it and staying on top of the trends.



Partnering with various different brands is one of the best jobs here. Getting to design unique campaigns that stand out while having absolute creative freedom. Below I’ve designed the landing page we were displaying at Shoppr for the Adidas Ultraboost X Launch campaign. We’ve partnered with Adidas for the Malaysia launch of their Ultraboost X and Climachill products.