A Face For Sustainable Fashion

Creating a face for a brand targeting sustainable fashion. Last year, I helped out my sister with her university project.

Designing the Logo

My approach was to combine the first letter of her first and last name, in a minimal but identifiable way. Anouschka Prettner

The Story

Having always been conscious of sustainability and eco-friendly living, I started to challenge myself to be the change I wanted to see in the world. My journey towards sustainable thinking started with educating myself about the various impacts surrounding the fashion industry. From reading articles to watching documentaries such as Earthlings and The True Cost, I gained further knowledge about the many consequences fashion brings. It was then that I started to realise that if someone who is passionate about sustainability shouldn’t be silent and sit back, but rather take action and be the revolution. Because, fashion shapes and reflects our society – so do we really want to live in a world where fashion comes at a cost to people, animals and our earth? Asking myself this question I knew the path I wanted to take for my final project – a vegan and sustainable bag and footwear line that is timeless in design, quality and material. Shoes and bags are usually kept for a long period of time, provided they are of high quality (May be passed on to grandchildren, vintage stores, etc.), therefore It is the ideal foundation for the purpose of my project.

Designing the Website

The direction I went with the website was minimal with little but effective information.

The Brand Profile

Anouschka Prettner was founded to provide a better alternative for women who love all things simple, practical and beautiful – and care about the environment that surrounds them. Thus, it was important to us to create shoes and bags that are chic and trendy, yet timeless in design and will not make you compromise your morality nor your sense of fashion. As an environmentally conscious brand, we are driven by our three core values: Sustainable, vegan & timeless design. Therefore, we will constantly try to improve those values by finding ways to be more sustainable and coming up with chicer pieces for our consumers to keep for eternity. Experimenting with different hues and textures on sustainable material is our way of making sustainability appealing and fighting against disposable fashion.